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exploiting all digital channels to help you engage better with healthcare professionals

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  • Over 12 years dedicated to healthcare marketing and communications

    Across all major therapy areas and throughout the product lifecycle
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  • Deep expertise in digital and how to plan, deploy and integrate innovative initiatives

    Bringing together medical, marketing and innovative media
    the 5 disclosures of inbound marketing
  • Hands-on Director-level management of clients and opinion-leaders

    Trusted by pharma clients in the UK, Europe and US

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Alimera Sciences

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The increasing fragmentation and complexity of digital channels present particular challenges in reaching healthcare professionals and gaining mindshare. By adapting proven marketing principles and best practice we can show you how to take advantage of digital media in an innovative marketing mix.

  • Digital Strategy and Insights

    Digital Strategy & Insights

    Understand how to communicate with healthcare professionals in the new digital landscape

  • Online Campaigns

    Online Campaigns

    Integrated brand communications across the web, email and mobile

  • Advocacy Solutions

    Video Resources

    Disseminate opinion‑leader interviews, lectures and case studies to targeted physician groups [more]

  • Salesforce Solutions

    Sales team and MSL solutions

    For your field‑based teams we deliver rich media CLM and standalone content to impress and influence your customers

  • Publication Promotion

    Publication Promotion

    Raise the profile and awareness of your strategic journal publication with our e‑article solution

  • Virtual Ad Board

    Virtual Ad Board

    A dedicated online platform for gathering expert insights and discussion, without the usual overheads of travel, venue and diary planning [more]

  • Moderated discussion boards

    Moderated online discussion

    Foster a frequent, ongoing dialogue with customers in your own branded space with familiar social network features


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January 5th, 2015

Many times, what we end up with is a hybrid of the old and the new. Take music. LPs are now three generations out of date, after the introduction of CDs then mp3 downloads and more recently... [read more]

When is a phone not a phone?

December 2nd, 2015

How do you categorise the mobile phone as a media device? Not easily. You can’t simply call it a phone any more. A communication device? That doesn’t cover its entertainment use such as listening... [read more]

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